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Eileen KINNICK - 75 yrs ago - Week 6 - Feb 8-14, 1937

75 yrs ago
Week 6 - Feb 8-14, 1937

My mother, Eileen KINNICK (maiden name), kept a diary from 1932 until her death in 1999. In Feb 2005, I created a website of her 1936 diary, the year she graduated from high school. During the latter half of 2011, commented weekly on these entries.
For 1937, I am transcribing the daily entries, currently, at The KINNICK Project surname blog.

In this weekly blog post, I will make summary comments and observations, and perhaps add a photo, from time to time.

Setting: The family lived in a farmhouse a couple of miles out of town (Coon Rapids, Iowa). Older brother, Leo, lived at home; his girl friend, later wife, Ida, visited regularly. Younger brother, Buzzy (she often wrote Bussy) was 9 years old. Pete Smith is her 'boy friend' - fourth month starting Jan 1 (they do marry, in Mar 1938).

Week 6 (Feb 8-14): Pete still missing on the 8th, but showed up at the store on the 9th. Later, they "Talked things over & came to an understanding. Grand time. So good to be together again."

On Friday, the 12th, we see she mentions the "5 Yr" diary entries. Going to the ball game is a big deal - and they stay out nearly all night. Next day, Saturday, she needs a nap!

Had to wonder if Earl and Edna had chosen Valentine's Day for their wedding, but it is never mentioned in Eileen's diary entry.

Ancient Valentine Card

Also, I enjoyed researching Wayne Cooley, again!  ;-)

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Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. I enjoyed old-time valentine postcard. The cards looked so different back than from the way they do today.

  2. Thank you, Sheryl. I was really drawn to this one when I first saw it. Yes, quite different! ;-)