Thursday, January 19, 2012

Those Places Thursday - My Air Force Desk - Aug 1962

Those Places Thursday - My Air Force Desk - Aug 1962

Here I am, 2nd Lieutenant William L. Smith, United State Air Force, sitting at my military issue desk in a semi-trailer van, part of the Radar Bomb Scoring Squadron Detachment (SAC), on a mesa, west of Winslow, Arizona, in August 1962. How about that two-toned green color scheme? 

This would have been at the beginning of my second year (of three) on active duty. The first half of the first year was spend in Biloxi, MS, at Ground Electronics School; the second half was spent here at the Detachment. I was the third ranking Officer (of three Officers in the Detachment). The Major and the Captain were both pilots, who took tours of duty flying the B-47 and B-52 bombers flying over that our Detachment was 'scoring' as they made their simulated bomb runs.

[The B-52s started flying in 1952, and these same planes, the very same planes, were used to bomb Baghdad, Iraq, just a few years ago (85 in active service, 9 in reserve).]

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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