Saturday, January 7, 2012

Social Saturday - Smith gathering, September 1955

Social Saturday
Smith gathering
September 1955

I've recently posted photos of the early years of my Dad's Smith family. Here are two photos from Sep 1955 of the family - older folks and younger folks. Not the greatest photos, but, better to have these than nothing. I do not recall the event for the gathering... someone visiting, most likely.

Standing, in back, from left: Orrin and Max Hilgenberg, Jim Smith, ??, ??, ?Rita Ballard?, Warren Pierce, John Thomas (in front), Verle and LVene Thomas, Bill Smith, Eileen Smith, Pete Smith (holding Barry)
Sitting in chairs: Gary Hilgenberg and Betty Pierce; Tom Smith (looking down)
On floor: Dan Smith, Margaret Smith, ??, Dave Thomas

Young men in back: Dave Thomas, Bill Smith (holding brother Barry), Gary Hilgenberg (holding ? Becki?); Tom Smith in front of Barry
Young lady on left - cousin from Nebraska???
On floor: John Thomas, Dan Smith, Margaret Smith, Jim Smith

Perhaps Becki, Judi, or someone else will help my old eyes and mind to identify my own family!  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Thank you for the encouraging comment you left on my blog post! I'm glad I was led to your blog here- it's wonderful! Have a great weekend Dr Bill :)

  2. I am the little girl on the floor in the first picture and on Gary's lap in the second picture. Connie would have been about a year old, so maybe she was napping somewhere.

  3. I thought that looked like you, Becki. Thanks for confirming... ;-)