Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surname Saturday - KINNICK men


Paul Harold KINNICK (1892-1968)
Alonzo Palmer KINNICK (1870-1923)
Walter Watson KINNICK (1840-1919) Civil War Veteran

My Grandfather, my Great-Grandfather, and 2nd Great-Grandfather. The latter served in the Civil War 150 years ago, as has been noted.
Walter Watson's father was Walter W. (1810-1853), whose father was John (1769-1818).

The father of John, that is the grandfather of Walter Watson, was Sergeant Major William KINNICK (1719-1785), of the Revolutionary War. He served three years from 1777-1780 in the 6th Regiment of the Maryland line.

Family is Forever!  ;-)

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  1. What a great multi-generational photo. I know from personal experience that it can be difficult to get these types of photos (and it probably was even harder years ago), but it's worth the effort.