Friday, July 1, 2011

Follow Friday - 1 Jul 2011

Follow Friday - 1 Jul 2011

 I am preparing this on 26 Jun, last Sunday - first time I have written "1 Jul 2011" - my birthday!
Happy 72nd Birthday, to me!  ;-)

This is 70 years ago, on our 2nd farm in Iowa - only stayed there a year; it was rented. Dad bought his own farm the next year, a few miles away. Notice the 'always present' angel food cake, with white frosting (made from scratch, of course) for EVERY BIRTHDAY.

At the new farm house, three years later. We had really 'moved up in the world,' you can tell:

Today, I'm going to start by simply referring to Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings - his post this week is just great - I'd already seen several, and read/skimmed again, or had read "about," and stopped to look closer, this time by. Two of these are in my regular readings... Kathleen Brandt at a3Genealogy and GeneJ at They Came Before [this is also my family!! ;-) - one-fourth, at least!].

I'll mention four (not 'two or three' as I first wrote!), if you want the ones that caught my 'highest level' of attention:

- Heather Rojo and her Father's Day Tree
- James Tanner lengthy treatises on Evidence, Proof, etc. - and Facebook musings!
- How Reliable is SSDI? - I'd seen comments, got to read the article here.
- 2011 Battle of Monmouth Reenactment - Tim Abbott - I'm fascinated by reenactments [Also, my fifth great-grandfather was at that battle!]

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Happy birthday! Hope it's been a wonderful day.

  2. I've been enjoying all of the old pictures here. I have been a member of DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and I love looking through all of the old documents on my ancestors. Donna