Thursday, January 10, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Kinnick Park & Park City home

Treasure Chest Thursday
Kinnick Park & Park City home
Park City, Montana

On back of photo: "Kinnick Park & Park City home" :
Park: This park is called "Kinnick Park" across from the house.  I (Dorothy K. Adams) took these a couple of years ago.  1986
Home: Grandpa & Grandma's (Joseph & Rachel Kinnick) house in Park City.  A man & lady bought the house from my Uncle John (he) lived in it until his death a few years ago.  My sister and I went through it and the lady showed us a beautiful hand painted vase that was Grandma Rachel's and a needle point rug she had done.  Grandma & Grandpa died the same year.  1917 Sept & Nov.

My comments: Joseph Kinnick (1839-1917) and his family had a very interesting life in Montana, after moving from Illinois, and a few years in central Iowa. [The link has my earlier research.]

Thanks again to cousin Ellen DeVilbiss. She has preserved and shared these photos from her grandmother, my aunt, Lillian Kinnick Ford.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. A while back you wrote about the Kinnick's living on the Yellowstone in Montana, my dad also lived close to the Yellowstone, but further north in Columbus. It was Yellowstone county when his parents moved there in 1910, but later became the county seat of Stillwater County. I know he talked about Park City and we drove through there a couple of times with pop as guide.

  2. Small world, huh? Thanks for the comment and stopping by. I appreciate each note I get! ;-)

  3. It was very kind of the lady who bought the house to give you a tour of it. It's awesome that there still were some family mementos in it.