Sunday, January 27, 2013

FHWC - Feb 2013 - Entry 1

The Family History Writing Challenge
Feb 2013 - Entry 1

A week ago, I decided not to be involved in The FHWC this year. Then, yesterday, I finished my Final First Draft of the Novella I was working on, and I got Lynn's first newsletter (I was still on the list from last year, obviously)… I need a distraction from wanting to "rush on with" the First Draft.

So, I am going to Pledge 250 words a day, in February, on my non-fiction work (that keeps getting put off): "The World of Sergeant Major William Kinnick, Revolutionary Soldier" (working title).

Most of the research is in place, I've written a lot, but I need to work on lots of "bits and pieces" here and there in the manuscript. That is why I'm pledging the 250 words a day. That is one page of new material - not too much - just about right - to get it to the next stage of production.

I'll make a blog post here, from time to time, during the month, to discuss my progress.

Thanks, Lynn, for the continued encouragement!!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. 250 words a day sounds like a reasonable about to write. It's enough to keep it moving forward, but not an overwhelming amount.

  2. Totally agree. Thanks for leaving a comment! ;-)