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Sharing Memories - Dr. Bill 2012 articles at The In-Depth Genealogist digi-mag

Sharing Memories - Dr. Bill 2012 articles at 
The In-Depth Genealogist digi-mag

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Following are my 2012 "The Heritage Tourist" blog posts and articles (following the first in 2013, published today!):

Is South Dakota on Your Heritage Tourism Destination Planning List?

 Might Wisconsin be Your Next Heritage Tourism Destination?

Iowa Heritage Tourism - In the Heartland, a Land of Great Diversity

Michigan Heritage Tourism Offers an Awesome Array of Opportunities

Let's Talk About the National Heritage Areas Concept

Can you be a Heritage Tourist on a 'staycation?'

The State of Mississippi is great heritage tourism destination

The Heritage Tourist looks for Nature Conservation and Preservation

Be Sure to Keep a Travel Journal of Your Heritage Tourism - But, Paper or Digital?

From the largest to the smallest state: Let's consider Rhode Island

The Heritage Tourist in Wyoming

When a Family Vacation Becomes a Heritage Tourism Experience

Support your local cultural heritage organization(s)

The Heritage Tourist visits Colonial America homeland sites

Heritage Tourism Might Take You to Alaska

Support Your Local Cultural Heritage Organization(s)

Considering 'Culture' as the Heritage Tourist

The Heritage Tourist

Be Flexible in Planning Heritage Tourism Trips

Montpelier's 'Archeology Expedition' program is a Heritage Tourist's delight

The Journey Continues

The Heritage Tourist

IDG Welcomes Dr. Bill

What fun it was to review each of these posts at IDG in 2012!
Hope you enjoyed them as well.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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