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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - William Walter Kinnick 1987 Family Reunion

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday
William Walter Kinnick 1987 Family Reunion

Notes on back of 1987 reunion photos.  Top Photo: Taken last July (1987) at our last reunion.  Left to Right: Tom, me (Dorothy), Ed (shaved off his beard), Fred, Marge (in red), Rachel, Bill - in our backyard.  Bottom photo: Left to Right: Thomas Jesse Kinnick - b. 15 Feb 1921, Fred Walter Kinnick - b. 12 May 1925, Edward Mark Kinnick - b. 31 March 1923, Dorothy Elizabeth Kinnick - b. 6 Feb 1919, William Joseph Kinnick - b. 16 July 1915, on floor - George Alvin Kinnick - b. 4 Dec. 1928    *Note the differences in years from the 1933 photos.

[ See earlier William Walter Kinnick post, and his family photo post.]

Thanks again to cousin Ellen DeVilbiss. She has preserved and shared these photos from her grandmother, my aunt, Lillian Kinnick Ford.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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