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Treasure Chest Thursday - Family of William Walter Kinnick, Montana

Treasure Chest Thursday

Family of William Walter Kinnick, Montana

This is another of the fine photo images I received from my cousin, Ellen DeVilbiss, on 4 Dec 2012. She has preserved and shared them from her grandmother, my aunt, Lillian Kinnick Ford. There are more photos of this gentleman's family among those she shared, that you will also see in the days ahead.

Two weeks ago today, I shared the photo of William Walter Kinnick (1866-1946) along with links to the stories I have compiled over the years of his family. Take a look at them now, if you didn't before.

Today, we have a 1933 family photo shared by his daughter, Dorothy, in the mid 1980s. Comments and description below, from the back of the photo, shared by Ellen in an email along with the copy of the photo.

Picture taken in 1933 in our yard.  Mill Creek - Yellowstone Valley 20 miles south of Livingston, MT
From Left : Miguel (Mike) A. Kinnick (Oldest brother, 10 yrs older than Dorothy, born 1909 died 1975) only one deceased
Thomas J. Kinnick - 1921 - lives in Livingston
Fred Walter Kinnick - 1926 - lives in Livingston (wearing overalls)
Lupe Ramona Covarrubias Kinnick (behind Fred) - Mother - 1890 - 1977  she is holding John Lund - 1933- her first grandson
John Lund (baby) now lives in Arizona
Dorothy (me) Elizabeth Kinnick Hurley Adams (behind Mother)- 1919 lives in Livingston
Rachael A. K. Nickeson (peeking out behind Father) - 1911 lives in Lakewood, CA
Lupe Margaret K. Lund Pardee Chase (standing behind Father) - 1912 - lives in Clarkston, WA  Mother of baby John
William Walter Kinnick  - Dad - 1866 - 1946 holding youngest son George
George A. Kinnick - 1930 - lives in W. Burlington, IA
John P. Kinnick (behind Edward) - 1917 - lives in Clarkston, WA
Edward M. Kinnick (in front of John) - 1924 - lives in Livingston
Milton Lund - Marge's first husband - they had 2 children, father of baby John
William Joseph Kinnick - 1914 lives in Santa Maria, CA

Families are Forever!  ;-)


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