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Treasure Chest Thursday - 5 Kinnick Siblings

Treasure Chest Thursday - 5 Kinnick Siblings

January 1, 1948
At Family New Year's Day Dinner, Bayard, Iowa
This post complements last weeks post: 5 Kinnick Sibling Couples

These five are children of Alonzo and Nettie (Williams) Kinnick, as noted last week.

From left:

Lucile Kinnick Herron (1894-1956)
Lillian Kinnick Ford (1908-1993)
Paul Kinnick (1892-1968)
Gertrude Kinnick Brideson (1902-1988)
Robert Kinnick (1896-1953)

Note: Thanks to 'cousin sharing' on Facebook for the date of the photo!!  ;-)

Now, after additional research, the story becomes more clear, though not totally, of course. First:

Further research: Jan 9, 1948 Bayard News, p. , Coon Rapids Enterprise (from archive online!):

"Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kinnick, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Herron, Mr and Mrs. Delbert Ford of Coon Rapids and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Brideson were New Years dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kinnick."

New Facts: In searching the newspaper archives, I have also found that Brideson's actually left for California in December on 1948, nearly 12 months later... I think I've recognized a new Treasure Chest source of information for this weekly feature - articles from the hometown paper, perhaps with photos to match... For now, I'll leave it here.

Request: When descendants of Everett and Gertrude Brideson read this, I request they share with me/us the stories they remember of the move to California. Perhaps, share with me via email, and I'll add to these posts... or, simply write in the comments... which ever works best. THANKS!

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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