Saturday, October 6, 2012

Surname Saturday - Smith - Update

Surname Saturday - Smith - Update

From 1954, this was a family gathering 'across' the Michael Smith family. In the back row, Lyman Smith (hat!) with wife, Esther, and daughter Pat and Sharon - our Nebraska cousins! My family is on the left (that's me by Lyman). Dad behind Barry, Mom with Tom, and Lyman has his hand on Jim's shoulder! On the right, is Dad's older brother Willard (Toots!), his wife Mary, and in front, their children Margaret and Dan. On the far right is Judi Hilgenberg, daughter of Dad's sister, Max.

OK, why am I sharing this particular photo, in this way, today? This week, I've heard from another cousin, Laurel Jay Brunken, from the Nebraska branch (2nd cousin, 1(gen) removed) - pretty close, huh? He shared a few interesting photos!

My Great-grandfather Michael Smith's first son with his second wife, Maggie Soderstrom, was my grandfather, William Emanuel (b. 1869). Their second son, John Joseph (b. 1872), moved to Nebraska as a young man (before 1885, when he would have been 13!). Lyman (b. 1903), above, and Lee Arnold Raymond (Arnold) (b. 1901) were his two sons (also had a daughter, Buelah (1907). 

Laurel Jay is grandson of Arnold by his oldest daughter, Joann Ellen (Smith) Brunken.

Here are Lyman and Arnold!

"A few years later" - Arnold, his wife Laura, and Lyman (in 1962) - note Lyman and his hat!:

Laurel also just sent some more recent photos of Lyman's family. Here are Lyman's four children, Shirley, Dick, Sharon and Pat. Pat and Sharon were shown in 1954, above. Sharon is closest to my age; second cousins.
[I thought she was really neat, as I recall, in 1954!]

Sharon and his husband, Don Waters, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in June 2007:

A special thanks for Laurel for much family information/updates, and just great family conversation... continuing! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)