Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Jacob and Fanny KINNICK

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday

Jacob and Fanny KINNICK

As often happens to me, last week I was looking for something else among my photo images and came across this one. I had not seen it for a very long time. The photo image of their gravestone in Illinois was there, as well. She died in 1920, he in 1923. They had no children.

Notice that she was born in 1832, making her 14 years older than him. She was his second wife. He was born in 1846, the first of his family born in Illinois following the move of the family from Belmont County, Ohio - presumably floating down the Ohio River, coming up the Mississippi River and traveling inland to Bureau County in 1844, near Princeton. He had a very successful farm in Gold Township of Bureau County, Illinois.

Jacob was the brother of my 2nd Great Grandfather, Walter Watson KINNICK.

[See more detail on Jacob at this very old website - still pretty good information on family connections!  ;-)]

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. I think that it's interesting that the two sides of my family overlap in Illinois during this time. Norman Wilson's 100 Day Service was from May 31-October 25, 1864. Then, Jacob Kinnick's service was a 1 year from September 1864 through the end of the war in July 1865. They lived in adjacent counties. It's great having both mom and dad doing research and I get to benefit from both!

  2. Am I missing something??? If she was born in 1832 and he was born in saw she was 6 years older..but isn't 1846-1832= 14 years ??? Just asking..

  3. Of course she was, Allison. Just seeing if anyone was paying attention. You were. Thanks. I fixed it, I think... I appreciate your note! ;-)