Thursday, June 7, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Sorensen's in Montana

Treasure Chest Thursday - Sorensen's in Montana

In honor of my cousin from Denmark, Flemming Pedersen, visiting the United States for a few months, I am publishing to day some old photos of the Sorensen familiy (our connecting relatives) in Montana in 1918 - the mother and father had arrived in the USA from Denmark in 1905. They only stayed in Montana a short time before the returned to Iowa where they mostly lived out their lives - but they enjoyed their Montana stay, while they were there.

The primary characters in this drama are Pearl (b. 1906, IA) and her brother, Richard (b. 1907, IA). I knew Pearl well, as an adult, in my early years. I did not get a chance to know Richard (he died too young). They are children of my great-uncle, Marius (we knew him as Morris, in Iowa - he was a Pharmacist in Des Moines as I was growing up). Morris was the older brother of my mother's mother, Dorothy Sorensen (Kinnick).

Perhaps my favorite of the photos:

This appears to be the same auto - the people are not identified, but they are family members, presumably...

Here is Richard...

And, Pearl...

This is Pearl, a few years later... perhaps high school graduation...

This looks a bit more like I remember her... just add 25-35 years and a few children...  ;-)

Aw, the memories....

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. They surely looks to have a good time, just like I have. Presently I've reached Arizona, via Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado.
    Soon I will proceed to Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota back to Minnesota, to fly home from Minneapolis July 20th
    You can follow my tour at

  2. Thank you, Flemming, for your comment. Your diary is fascinating. Thanks. Buzz and Colleen really enjoyed your visit! ;-)

  3. Hi Bill and everybody else who read this blog.
    I have now concluded my 7 weeks USA-tour and I am back home in Denmark
    I had a great tour, visiting 13 states (driving more than 8.000 miles) in the western and midwestern USA, visiting a lot of family on both my dad’s and my mom’s side of the family. And, of course, I saw all the great sights in the areas I visited.
    Bill! I am happy you introduced me to your uncle Buzz Kinnick and his wife Coleen. I spent a couple of days at their place near Bayard, IA, and they took me on a tour in Coon Rapids. We visited the High School, the cemetery and a lot of other places. Furthermore, we went visiting their grandson Michael and his wife Natalie at their work I Coon Rapids.
    I understand that Buzz is not on line, so everybody reading this, be so kind to relay my most sincere thanks to Buzz and Coleen for their hospitality and kindness in letting me into their home and lives. I had a great time. And thanks for the great homemade meals I enjoyed in their home.
    I will continue follow this excellent blog, to find out of even more of this part of my family.
    If anybody feel for sharing information of the family, feel free to contact me on
    You can read the diary of my USA-tour on (an English version - with the help from “google translate” - is in the bottom of each submission).
    And you can find my genealogi research here -

  4. Buzz and Colleen really enjoyed your visit, as well. Saw them at a Coon Rapids Funeral a week or so ago. Thanks for the great note. You really had a wonderful trip! ;-)