Monday, June 4, 2012

My Hometown on Monday - Deal Elementary

My Hometown on Monday
Deal Elementary Closed in Coon Rapids, Iowa

The 24 May 2012 edition of the Coon Rapids Enterprise included several articles and clippings and photos about the opening in 1957 and the closing at the end of the recent school year in 2012 of Deal Elementary School. On Wednesday, May 30, I shared a photo of my Dad, Pete Smith, as a member of the School Board in 1956 as they were building the school.

Today, I want want to share just three more 'snippets' - I urge you to see all the stories in the Enterprise. They did a fine job of covering the events. P.S. They are in the process of adding several new elementary classrooms on the central campus of the consolidated school that will be available in the fall - so that there is just he one site to manage, for same on the budget!  ;-)

Three photos, with caption from the Enterprise:

Students, faculty, and staff from the 2011-2012 school year gathered outside Robert Deal Elementary for one last photo in front of the building, which officially closed May 23, 2012. A closing
ceremony was held yesterday morning where former occupants shared their favorite memories of the school.

From Coon Rapids Enterprise archives, January 4, 1957 — Douglas Duncan, left, hangs up his coat in the third grade room in the new elementary school building. Other boys, from left to right, are Martin Shirbroun, Steven Kult and Thomas Smith. The water fountains and lavatories in the rooms, shown at right, are another feature that pleased the new occupants.

Erna Lund stands to be recognized as a former third grade teacher at the building.

My comments: 1) My younger brother, Thomas Smith, now know as T.K. or T. Kinnick, in the middle photo!
2) Erna Lund is mentioned regularly in my daily diary posts of my mother's 1937 diary. She was a nearest neighbor and girl friend, along with her younger sister, Edith, of my Mom. So good to see her actively taking part.

Here is one final clip on Erna, from the 75 years ago column in the same edition of the Enterprise:

"The Normal Training Club held its final meeting of the year last Wednesday at which time reports of the various officers were made covering the work of the year, and officers chosen for the ensuing year. Those officers were elected for the coming year:
President Marjorie Davis,
Vice President Erna Lund,
Secretary Edith Vaughan,
Treasurer Lorene George, and
Student Council Representative Shirley Johnson."

3) Normal training, of course, was the classes the young women took in High School as their initial teacher's training to be able to teach in one-room country schools. As they continued their studies, after High School, while teaching, they would earn credits toward a degree or toward teaching at "higher levels" of schools.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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