Saturday, May 12, 2012

Share-a-Story - Have you?

Share-a-Story - Have you?

My blog here is "Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories" - I love to share stories and read stories that others share. So, when Tami at Share-a-Story asked me to Share-a-Story, how could I not do so!

One Strong Connection to Our Founding was the result. I hope you enjoy it. Read some of the other stories, as well, while you are there. As you read, I cannot believe you do not have a story come to mind, of your own. Write it down, send it in. Tami provides excellent guidelines, that are very easy and reasonable to follow. I hope to send here one story each month or so.

Perhaps it will get you started on making regular submissions, there and elsewhere. Tell those ancestor stories - Share-a-Story!

[Pencil image courtesy of Share-a-Story]

Families are Forever! ;-)

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