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52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week 17 - Pets

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History
Week 17 - Pets

Thanks to GeneaBloggers and Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog for these prompts.

Week 17: Pets. Did you have any pets as a child? If so, what types and what were their names. Do you have pets now? Describe them as well. If you did not have pets, you can discuss those of neighbors or other family members.

This one is actually pretty fun and pretty simple, for me. I had a collie-like dog as a child on the farm. It was the family dog, of course, but as the oldest child, I thought of him as mine. We called him Whitey, but as you can see, he was a 'dirty-white' at best. He 'left' while I was still in country school, that finished with the seventh grade.

By the time we got another dog, it was Spice, and my younger brothers were more involved than I. I've never had another pet, myself. There could never be a replacement for Whitey!  ;-)

Mom's handwriting says June 1945, in her distinctive script! Younger brother, Jim is in the wagon. I also see a nice rain-water barrel and nice dirt yard. This is our farm house in Willow Township, Greene County, Iowa. That is the back door of the house onto a small porch - very typical of the time. We are looking in the direction of the barn and the rest of the farm. [Back in Week 3 - Cars - I shared a couple of other photos of the old porch, back door and new porch that show changes over time.]

As the years go by, I do look a lot more at the background of these old photos. In the past, I mostly looked at the people, which are still important, of course. Searching for this photo with the dog, I found a few others of the period that I have not previously shared. That will be fun. THANKS!  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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