Friday, April 29, 2011

Follow Friday - 29 Apr 2011

Follow Friday
29 Apr 2011

Discussions among a number of GeneaBloggers this past week or so have certainly, among other things, raised questions in my mind as to why I blog the way I do. Once again, Marian's Roots & Rambles provides a useful framework for further consideration. I recommend it for your consideration as well:
My Top 3 Bits of Advice for Blogging

Her three bits are simple and to the point, but be sure to read what she says about each one, whether you are a newbie or have been around a while.

A couple of my comments on each:

1) Know Your Goal

I have a goal for each blog. That part is pretty easy, but as I explained, it does make prioritizing challenging. How are you doing on this?

2) Write from Your Heart

By doing this, I continue to enjoy every post I write. I used to worry about followers, and number of hits, etc. I don't any more - because, I get enough comments, from folks I already know as well as folks I don't already recognize (thank you each!) that I am confident there are some readers who are benefiting from my remarks as much as I am from writing them. Just keep on keeping on.  ;-)

3) Stick to Your Guns [she left off Your, but I know it was there...  ;-)]

I generally write short posts; and generally only read relatively short posts. Put, there are many exceptions to each. I can only write in my "writing style" - so I liked that advise! How do you handle this important topic? I've noticed a number of my fellow bloggers making some significant changes - I assume they are from changes in goals and priorities over time. Have you notice? What do you think?

P.S. A second recommendation this week, from our good friend and fellow blogger, Randy Seaver:
21st Century Genealogical Societies - in case you missed it, and are interested - great summary article.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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