Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Bill with concrete in wheel barrow

Treasure Chest Thursday
Bill with concrete in wheel barrow

Another old black and white photo - on the farm in Iowa where I grew up. My black and white coat, is was obviously chilly - perhaps 1951. Note in upper left corner, the "family room" has already been added to the house. I got my slide camera in 1952. I'd have been in seventh grade here, most likely, about 13 years old. Concrete in the wheel barrow - Dad would scoop it out and place it. Think next week has another photo of this operation. Outside the barn - looks like it does need some help!  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Speaking of farms...I missed you in KC, but I had just finished your book Homeplace. It was a great read. Now can you tell me what happens to Sheila and Peter? I loved your characters and wanted more. I'm expecting a sequel. I hope you got my message in KC. I kept seeing you from a far. Hope you enjoyed.

  2. Yes, Kathleen, I did get the message. Really felt bad missing you in KC...
    The Homeplace Revisited will be out in Spring 2011. Follow developments at:

    The sequel takes place nine years later, and I hope you will like the events in the life of Sheila, Peter, and the others...

    I hope to have some of the characters appear on the blog as we approach the Spring release. We'll see how it goes. Karen gets involved in the genealogy of the family, and has already been in a few posts, if you go back a month or so... What do you think of that? I need to go back and see what she had to say, again, myself!