Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - 4 generations photo at church

4 generations photo at church

I just came across this photo, again, and to me it is a true treasure. We don't have/get many 4 generation photos in our family.

My grandmother, Dorothy Sorensen Kinnick is on the left, next to my wife, Nancy. My mother, Eileen Kinnick Smith, is second from the right, along with my three daughters. Annette is on the right; Allison, the taller in the center; and Arrion, the youngest. I believe it is 1971 and Annette is joining the church, if I recall correctly; Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Urbandale, Iowa.

Families are Forever!   ;-)

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  1. Very nice and I just love it when all the girls get together!