Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good Classes at Midwest Family History Expo in KC

"Establishing Your Own Migration Trail" by Michael John Neill of Casefile Clue (if you haven't read his cases, get a sample free!) fame was a class I was really looking forward to attending. He is so analytical and provided some really useful thoughts on migration patterns and how to research them. It was well worth attending! Thank you, Michael John!  ;-)

Thomas MacEnfee, our GeneaBloggers leader, was teaching a class on Genealogy Blogs - how appropriate!

Laura Best, CEO of EchoRoad, gave a neat presentation on researching ancestor occupations - a subject that really interests me. She had many very good suggestions. How about that Furniture Mover on the screen behind her!

Here is Laura, a little later, working in her EchoRoad company exhibit. There were some busy folks among the presenters and exhibitors... more on that in a bit!

Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D, President of The Genealogical Institute, was another that moved regularly from the exhibit booth, to presenter, and back. She was one of the first familiar faces I saw on Friday!

Later, here she is, lecturing to a large group on Southern Genealogy:

She stayed after, as most presenters would, to answer questions from her 'students.'

Sometime later, she was back a the Institute exhibit, answering more questions.

This exhibit was right across from the Beacon of Bloggers 'lounge' in the exhibit area. One more big THANK YOU to Holly Hanson and her staff of the Midwest Family History Expo for a great couple of days - and her fine support and encouragement for our work!

I didn't get to meet all of the Bloggers, but here is one more I did see: Bart Brenner. Neat!

A couple of 'cleanup' shots - here was the registration desk:

And the Family History Expo 'prize drawing' exhibit area - we also put our evaluation cards in the drum - sneaky way to get a lot more evaluation forms! Good for them!!

I will have a bunch more exhibitor photos on Sunday; and, more on the Midwest Genealogy Center presentation - and their new website - on Monday.

Finally, as I was leaving, a nice photo of our facilities - Holiday Inn and KCI Expo Center! THANKS!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Great photos, Bill! I am so glad that I was able to meet you at the Expo!

  2. Thanks for posting photos. Made me feel like I was there with you!

  3. It was a really good experience. Everyone should attend at least one, I think. ;-)