Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stephenson County, IL, Research Trip

Stephenson County, IL, Research Trip
 We haven’t taken a genealogy research trip for a while, so kind of fun for a change. We have a wedding, Nancy’s side of the family, this coming weekend, in Dubuque, Iowa. A few miles east of there is Stephenson County, Illinois, where a couple of Nancy’s 3-times great-grandparents migrated to from Union County, Pennsylvania, in the 1840s. She has been wanting to visit Stephenson County for a long time, to check out some details. So, we left a couple of days early and stayed in the historic Stephenson Inn, eight story building, right downtown. Built in 1915 as the Freeport Inn; for the past 8 years it has been a Hampton Inn. We got room 801, and this is the view from our room:

The courthouse is next to the spire in the middle… probate records, wills, etc. and the public library is just tot he right of the high building on the right.Here is a street level view, last night. The entrance is between the glass lights on the right. Both images look to the north, toward Cedarville, where we visited the cemetery earlier today.

At the Cemetery, we actually found both the 1868 tombstone of Jacob Hartman, her 3rd Great-Grandfather, as well as his son, also Jacob, and his wife, Priscilla - they shared a marker. It is here:

 Here is Nancy with the 1868 stone...

They are actually just across the driveway and up a little from each other. Nancy spotted each of them first, as I was walking around, looking for them. Good homework paid off!! We are now in our room resting. Successful trip. Successful day. Tomorrow, off the the wedding and family visits.

Families are Forever!! ;-)

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