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My first years… from Eileen's Diary - Highlights of December (1st part), 1940

My first years…
from Eileen's Diary
Highlights of December (1st part), 1940 

These are highlights from the diary of my mother, twenty-one year old Eileen KINNICK SMITH, 75 Years Ago. She kept a diary from 1932 as a freshman in high school until she left us, too early, in 1999.

[Rather than posting each mundane entry, I've chosen items of interest to me, as I knew my family (or didn't). Also, significant events Mom noted, as seen by me, looking back. Comments at the end.]

[David, Billy, Buzzy, July 1942]

Month of December (1st part) highlights:

Wed. Dec. 4 - Birthday note: David T. - LVene & Verle’s baby born at St. Anthony’s at 10:10 a.m.
Sun. Dec. 15 - Snowy. Up late. Didn’t go to church. Billy didn’t feel good. I went with Edith & Erna to church in pm. to practice. Surely snowing. Home at 5:00. Were supposed to go to Max’s for Chili Birthday Supper, but Billy was feverish & I didn’t want to take him.
Mon. Dec. 16 - Really snowed all day. Monday sees to be a bad day. … Billy felt quite a bit better but he still has a cold.
Tues. Dec. 17 - Really a lot of snow and quite cold. Made aprons for Louise’s girls. Wrapped quite a few gifts.
Thurs. Dec. 18 - Scrubbing kitchen wood work & rendering lard. To church in morning to practice. Home and washed and set my hair. Cleaned up and went to Edith’s & Erna’s program at church. I played for them. Pete stayed home with Billy. The girls gave me a set of salt & pepper shakers. Foggy. Home at 11:30. Had cake and coffee.
Fri. Dec. 20 - Did up usual work. Pete went in to sale. He got me a few more Christmas presents & cards. Scrubbed kitchen wood work and rendered lard. Chores early, bathed, took Billy in to folks and went to Don & Norma’s to grab bag Sunday School Party. I got a box of chocolates & Pete got a whistle we put in. Got Billy and come home at 12:00.

My comments:
Getting the feeling of preparations for Christmas. Lots going on. Weather and illness. Pretty normal.
“Scrubbed kitchen wood work and rendering lard” seemed important activities.
Dad got what he put in at ‘grab bag’ - I suppose that happened from time to time… ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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