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My first years… from Eileen's Diary - Highlights of October, 1940

My first years…  
from Eileen's Diary
Highlights of October, 1940 
These are highlights from the diary of my mother, twenty-one year old Eileen KINNICK SMITH, 75 Years Ago. She kept a diary from 1932 as a freshman in high school until she left us, too early, in 1999.

[Rather than posting each mundane entry, I've chosen items of interest to me, as I knew my family (or didn't). Also, significant events Mom noted, as seen by me, looking back. Comments at the end.]
“The Mortal Storm was one of the few directly anti-Nazi Hollywood films released before the American entry into World War II in December 1941.”

Month of October highlights:

Oct 1-9 mostly blank
Thurs. Oct. 10 - Went in to folks for dinner. I took a chicken. Mom kept Billy. Went up to Mildred McLaughlin’s to club. Had quite a meeting. Chores & went in to show “The Mortal Storm.” Best show ever saw. A Nazi picture. Margaret Sullivan, Jimmy Stewart.
Only a couple of sentences between Oct. 11 and 16
Thurs. Oct. 17 - Sunday School Party at Smith’s. Supposed to be Hard Times Party but just a few dressed for it. Had pumpkin pie & chicken sandwiches.
Oct. 18-19 blank; then back to regular entires
Sun. Oct. 20 - Went to church. Played for Lillian. Up to Smith’s for Maxine’s Birthday Dinner. Everyone there. Don, Norma, too. Leo, Ida Marie, Karen & folks here for pancake supper. To bed early. Gave Karen her birthday present.
Thurs. Oct. 24 - Betty came down & we went to Club Party at new Library Recreation Room. Surely nice. Lillian sang and I played. Home at 10:30. Up to Lillian’s for dinner. Practiced. Arthur Phelps there picking corn.
Fri. Oct. 25 - Went to Homecoming Football Game with Manning. Irene Anderson Queen. Manning won the game. Afterwards over to Rollo Sissel Dance at Bayard. Darryl Hilgenberg turned car over 3 times on Hiway east of Max & Orrin’s. Home at 2:00. Edith T. & Margaret there.
Wed. Oct. 30 - Betty fixed 3 chickens & I fixed rest of the dinner for shellers. There were 8 of them here.
Thurs. Oct. 31 - [Halloween] Quite cold and rainy. Pete up home again. I did my ironing. All of us have colds. Jack Bowman came down with a couple of songs for Jr. Class Play. He stayed until 9:30. Put up the dining room stove. Good music on the radio so we danced until 1:00. Ed Alex came to see about trapping our land.

My comments:
Very interesting to see her comments about the movie on Oct 10. She doesn’t often mention political things. Doesn’t mean they weren’t going on, or talked about!!
Fall Harvest was in full force… mentioned just about every day that she wrote something.
I noticed she has been mentioning playing the piano for people more that earlier…

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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