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52 Ancestors: #8 Jensene Marie (Nielsen) Sorensen

52 Ancestors: #8 Jensene Marie (Nielsen) Sorensen

This year, Amy Johnson Crow has issues a new 52 weeks blogging challenge:

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

on her No Story Too Small blog.

The challenge: To have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor. Not only should this get me blogging more, but also to take a deeper look at some of the people in my family tree.

My approach: I plan to make this a Tuesday Theme, and, use it to enhance my WikiTree ancestor profiles. That is, focus on a different ancestor on my WikiTree list of profiles, each week (include possibly adding new profiles), Great idea! Thanks to Randy Seaver's post for bringing this to my attention!

#8 Jensene Marie (Nielsen) Sorensen is #15 on my Ancestor Name (Ahnentafel) List, and is my great-grandmother. She married my great-grandfather, #7 Lauritz Christian Sorensen (1847-1922).
I am descended through:

* their daughter, #7 Dorthea (Dorothy) Kristine (Christine) Sorensen (1887-1982) who married
#6 Paul Harold Kinnick (1892-1968), through
* their daughter, #3 Mary Eileen Kinnick (1918 - 1999), who married #2 Delbert Leverne (Pete) Smith (1915 - 1977), to
* me, #1 William Leverne Smith (1939- …)

These are my Danish relatives, of course. They were both both in Denmark as was my grandmother, Dorothy, making me one-fourth Dane, by heritage!

We knew very little about Jensene, until a couple of years ago, except that she died about a year after coming to America, and was buried near Stuart, Iowa. I have visited the grave.

In the fall of 2011 (has it been that long ago, seems like yesterday!), our cousins in Denmark, Orla and Bente Poulsen, saw my posts, and sent some information, then photos, and now we know much more. Here is one of the first posts, about the home where she was born.

Here is a story about the tombstone of Jensene's parents. How wonderful to hear from cousins in Denmark. They, and several others, are now Facebook friends and we continue to communicate regularly. My daughter, Arrion, hopes to visit them, in Denmark, in the next year or two. Wonderful!

Families are Forever! ;-)

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