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75 Years Ago This Week - August 16, 1938

75 Years Ago This Week
August 16, 1938

75 Years Ago This Week began March 1, 1938 - my mother and father were preparing to get married later in the month.

Over in The KINNICK Project blog, we recently posted a series of daily entries regarding "threshing" from Mom's - that is Eileen Kinnick's - diary, starting here

This week, in the Coon Rapids Enterprise, 75 Years Ago column, dated 29 Jul 1938, was this excerpt:

"Roy Greenlee narrowly escaped being injured seriously Wednesday morning while helping thresh at the Robert Kinnick home. One of his horses skipped a wire, became frightened, and scared the colt he was driving. The team bolted towards the threshing machine, broke the neck yoke and line, hit a post and broke loose from the rack. Roy was knocked to the floor of the rack badly bruised and shaken up. Robert Kinnick and Howard Lewis took after the team in a car and caught them before they had run clear home."

My comments: Robert Kinnick was my great-uncle, brother of Paul Kinnick, Mom's father. This was near by to where Mom and Dad were threshing… likely some same crew members. Small world.

Bonus family item
From the local newspaper in Coon Rapids, Iowa, the Coon Rapids Enterprise, in the 100 Years Ago column, dated August 1, 1913:

"Lem Williams has bought the Booth blacksmith shop tools and employed a blacksmith to work for him."
My comment: Lem Williams was an uncle of Robert and Paul Kinnick; brother of their mother. He was very active in construction activity, and other business ventures, in Coon Rapids. It is much fun following his reports in the Enterprise.

Families are forever!  ;-)

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