Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - New Orleans 1845 Ship Arrival

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - New Orleans 1845 Ship Arrival

A number of blogs have recently discussed the 'next generation' of genealogists.
I'll use this post to note that my daughter, Arrion, has taken the lead on our most recent
research on my great-grandfather, Michael Smith (1829-1902).
Here, she found the List of Passengers for their arrival in New Orleans, aboard the Ship Raritan,
from LeHavre, France, in 1845.

Arrion discovered an 1845 List of Passengers coming into New Orleans from France, the Ship Raritan, that appears to be members of our family on it:

12 Joseph Schmith        42     m    Farmer    France    Missouri
13 Catharine George    38    f    Farmer    France    Missouri
14 Patrise Schmith        29    m    Farmer    France    Missouri
15 Michel Schmith        16    m    Farmer    France    Missouri
16 Caroline Schmith    13    f    Farmer    France    Missouri
17 Peatrix Schmith        6    m    Farmer    France    Missouri
18 Dorthea Schmith    3    f    Farmer    France    Missouri

Notes: Number on left is a passenger number in order; name; age; sex; Occupation; Country to whom they belong; Country of which they intend to become inhabitants.
For 14, first name is difficult to read; similarly, for 17, first name, first letter matches with P - but it is likely B, based on 1860 census info, as well as female rather than male.
Similar, is 14 actually a convoluted reporting of Beatrix - Joseph's wife? We'll see.
Was Catharine a sister of Joseph or of Beatrix? Always more questions, as some answers are found!

Note: The last name is variously spelled as: Schmith, Schmitt, Schmidt, Smith

P.S. Arrion and her husband will be visiting Europe, later this year, on their annual visit due to his work meetings. She is planning to visit the area where Michael was born, and is investigating the whole family and surroundings in preparation for that trip. Neat, huh?!  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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