Friday, December 17, 2010

Follow Friday - 17 Dec 2010

Follow Friday - 17 Dec 2010

My recommendations this week. As usual, I normally pick one or two good posts from my week's readings, or left from the prior week! Hope they are useful or at least interesting to you, as well! If it is your first visit, even better!  ;-)


Again this week, I'd like to thank Randy Seaver for bringing this excellent blog post to my attention:
"How I Got Here - The Path to Becoming a Family Historian" by Marian Pierre-Louis

This is worth reading, no matter your situation, as a tribute to family influences and as a reminder of our responsibilities to your children, their children, etc.

A quote from Marian's post:
"My message to you is be an example for your children or grandchildren.  Don't force them to learn family history but consistently live your life so that you model in all your actions and interactions the importance of family history.  I would argue that that is one of the most effective ways to encourage future generations.'

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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