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Advent Calendar - Dec 1 - The Christmas Tree

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories for December 1
The Christmas Tree

This Blog is pleased to join with other GeneaBloggers around the world in presenting this Advent Calendar over the next 24 days leading up to the Christmas celebration - a different topic each day. We will attempt to post on each of the topics. Our invitation continues to be open to other writers to join us here with your comments (See Nov 29, Dec 5, Dec 12, and Dec 16 posts here - label 'Advent Calendar' - for the topics; or the link in the title, here).

The Christmas Tree

Over the years, I believe our family has had about every shape, size, type, and description of Christmas tree at one time or another. In the early years, we usually bought a tree from one of the local charitable organization's fundraiser lot. In more recent years, for various reasons, we moved to artificial trees of all sizes, depending on our residence at the time. We currently have a very small tree that sits on a table, with a few traditional ornaments, lights and little else (minimalism is 'in' at our small cabin these days).

Our family, Christmas 2008, at the cabin, in front of the tree

Our oldest daughter, Annette, and her husband, Larry, (left, above) at their home on Boulder Mountain in southern Utah, have begun a tradition of purchasing a $10 permit from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and go out on the mountain and choose and cut their tree (4 wheel drive Jeep, of course). It has been a great experience for them.

From Blog Follower Janice:

When I was a young child, we had a real tree probably about six feet tall. My parents and my youngest brother and I usually decorated it together. After it came down after New Year's Day, it seemed like we were picking needles out of the carpet for months.
Sometime during my teen years, we got an artifical tree. It always sat on the top of the TV. I don't know what year it was but could probably tell from pictures. Since my mother was allergic to real trees perhaps she didn't want to mess with it after my father died. I still have this tree in my basement and sometimes bring it upstairs for a second tree.

 - - Thank you, Janice, for your comments.
Merry Christmas!

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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  1. I always thought that driving out and cutting down my own Christmas tree would be such a wonderful memory for my boys....never did do it. I am like you Bill....I have come to the point in my life where minimalism is "in".