Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advent Calendar - Dec 18 - Christmas Stockings

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories for December 18
Christmas Stockings

This Blog is pleased to join with other GeneaBloggers around the world in presenting this Advent Calendar over the next 24 days leading up to the Christmas celebration - a different topic each day. We will attempt to post on each of the topics. Our invitation continues to be open to other writers to join us here with your comments (See Nov 29, Dec 5, Dec 12, and Dec 19 posts here - laber 'Advent Calendar' - for the topics; or the link in the title, here).

Christmas Stockings

Rather than Christmas Stockings of ancestors today, this will be about Christmas Stockings of our descendants... and continue the topic of minimalism. These Christmas Stockings are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of their 'beginnings' as Annette is celebrating her 50th year, this year, as well. [She even got to attend Silver Dollar City, the theme park, free, a few weeks back, because they are also celebrating their 50th anniversary, and everyone with a 50th birthday in 2010 got free admission, all year!]

Nancy made the stockings, as the girls arrived... we've used them every year. More symbolic than terribly useful, of course, expect for an apple, an orange, some nuts, some candy - perhaps a candy cane or two; oh, and often earrings or other jewelry in little boxes, hidden along the way... I won't bore you with the photos of the Christmas Stocking, heavy laden, with all the other gifts stacked around, many, many years, over the 50 years, but I do have them!

We'll not be home on Christmas, this year, so the stockings are hung in remembrance of all those great years past.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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  1. Christmas stockings seem to provide a link between the past and the future. I wrote today about how the stockings I am making for my grandchildren were influenced by the actual stockings my great-grandmother made.