Thursday, October 21, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Report Card of my Dad - 9th grade

Treasure Chest Thursday

Report Card of my Dad - 9th grade

Last week in this post I shared my Dad's 5th grade report card. Thanks, again, to Cousin Dave, for sending each of these to me, from his Mom's boxes (Dad's older sister). 

For 9th grade, high school, Dad went to the nearby town of Coon Rapids, Iowa. This was the school year of 1929-30. He graduated in the Class of 1933. The teacher filling our the card was Morris Miller - I've put that name on my "to-do" list to check out, of course. I note Dad's name is now spelled "Leverne" as he used as an adult - also my middle name.

Grandfather Wm Smith again signed the cards, of course. Dad had taken on more responsibilities on the farm. As I recall, he was responsible for milking the cows for the family every morning. He was the youngest around to have a car available, so he could drive to school after milking the cows each morning. Town was six or seven miles away, rather than a mile and a half away as it was in eighth grade. He liked to tell stories of knowing the janitor at the high school real well. He would arrive and park the car near the janitor's door, in the basement of the school. Sometimes, the janitor would wait a few seconds to ring the bell, so he could get to class and not be tardy. Fun story!  ;-)

It appears that this year, he was only tardy 3 times, and only missed 1/4 day of classes all year - pretty good!  ;-)

What fun!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. What a fun document!! I have one of my grandmother's report cards too and I treasure it. :)


  2. What a fun story. I have my grandmother's yearbook but no report cards. Would love to have some...tends to be a treasure we overlook. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My collection of report cards only go back to myself and I don't think I would want to share many of them.....LOL Great blog, Bill