Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Report Card of my Dad - 5th grade

Treasure Chest Thursday

Report Card of my Dad - 5th grade

We all love old report cards from school. This one is from 1925-26 (Sept 7 to May 21)... for my Dad.

This was at Union Twp District # 1, also known as the Star School, north of Coon Rapids, Iowa, in Carroll County. Three points of note, to me:
1. His name was spelled: LeVerne Smith
2. His Dad, Wm Smith, whom I was named for, signed the card each period (mother was deceased).
3. He was promoted to 6th grade - of course he was.

Ok, the grades are of interest, as well:

This was a rural school, he worked on the farm, even at this age. So, being tardy a few times, and missing a few days of school are not unexpected. The name of the teacher was Clara Christy. That goes on my "to do" list. His grades were very good.

Thanks to cousin Dave, who sent these to me (arrived in the mail this morning). His Mom, Dad's older sister, had them in her boxes. I really enjoyed receiving that envelope, this morning. It also had Dad's Ninth grade report card, which I will share next week.

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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  1. Last year I got one of my Dad's old report cards. Your story here reminds me to write a post on my blog about that card. Thanks for sharing, Bill.