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Surname Saturday - Stauffer

 Surname Saturday - Stauffer

We have earlier noted that Nancy’s maternal grandmother was Fredya Elsina Weaver Thomas. Her parents were Samuel Lewis Weaver (1852-1925) and Harriet Ellen Yager Weaver (1859-1939). 

Simply labeled Stauffer

The Weaver  and Stauffer lines are very long ones, going back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, (where we had a long visit to work on these lines) in the early 1700s and then to Switzerland for several more generations back. I will note here, as before, the generations per Nancy’s research.

Samuel Lewis Weaver (1852-1925) was the son of:

William Weaver (1822-1916) married Lavina Steele (1826-1891) - Wayne Co, OH

William was the son of:

Samuel William Weaver (1795-1877) married Mary Stauffer (1802-1871) - Lancaster Co, PA

Mary Stauffer (1802-1871) was the daughter of 

Samuel Stauffer (1778-1847) married Susan Kiser (1782-1860).

Samuel was the son of:

Peter Stauffer (1733-1787) and Maria Barbara Weaver (1730-1791).

Peter was born in Lancaster Co, PA, the son of:

Matthias Stauffer (1704-1758) married Ann Zimmerman (1720-?).

Matthias was the son of:

Daniel Stauffer (1660-1735) married Veronica Schenck

Daniel was born in Thun, Switzerland. He was also the son of a Daniel (1633 - ?) a native of the same Thun, Switzerland. 

Nancy and I were fascinated by the Stuaffer family and the Weaver family which were chonicles in one of the first “Family History Books” we came across in our research. We were able to spend a few days in Lancaster Co, PA, in 1995, when our extensive family research began. 

Fond memories. What fun!

Families are forever!! ;-)


  1. Thun, Switzerland sounds like a beautiful place to visit.

    1. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it. Mountains and Lakes. Maybe you can go there sometime! ;-)