Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sharing Family History Stories and Photos on Holidays

Sharing Family History Stories and Photos on Holidays

Sharing family history stories and photos during holiday gatherings has become a strong tradition in our family. This year was no exception, of course. Specifically this year, my youngest daughter began looking at some photos of mine from my younger years, many of which she didn’t recall having seen before.

The one I’ve shared here particularly caught her attention. The photo being taken of Dad, Mom, and me (as a baby) is very familiar-but this one of the photo being taken, by my uncle (Mom's brother), has many additional interesting features! Who also had a second camera, in 1939, and took this photo, in particular? Note the cars on the left... This photo provides a broader background than the other, narrower image, as well. The earlier photo showed only the three of us and the barn, not the rest of the yard and barnyard in the background. Very interesting to me, for sure!

Did your family share stories and photos at your gathering this year? I certainly hope so. Perhaps, there is still time to do so!

Families are Forever!! ;-)