Sunday, June 25, 2017

Father's Day - Reflections - A Week Later...

Father's Day - Reflections - A Week Later...

A week ago, I posted this image on Facebook - my father, Pete Smith, as I want to remember him, from this photo dated Dec 1960. He was 45 at the time, just in his prime. We couldn't have imagined at the time that he had only 17 more years on this earth...he didn't quite make it to 62. And the last three or so years were an excruciating battle with cancer that he fought so hard against, every last day. 

I post this, today, because today marks the 40th anniversary of his passing. I'll turn 78 this coming Saturday, July 1, so he has been gone more of my life than he was in it. Kind of hard to conceive, but certainly true, as I think of it. My wife lost her Dad too early, as well, who I also grew up with in our tight-knit rural community. He passed away, from a massive stroke, in 1972. We each miss them both dearly, but have had good lives in spite of those losses. They each set us on our best paths. We are each thankful for that.

Families are Forever! ;-)



  1. Wonderful thoughts Dad....sad ...but from the heart....I've missed both my grandpa's very much....and both grandma's too....HUGS! Love you Dad and Mom!!

  2. Hadn't been to your site in a long time, so here I am again, and I see your lovely reflections on Pete. The picture is just how I remember him too - - so happy and full of life! You mentioned that he passed in 1972, and that seems right to me, as I remember getting the horrible news from mom when I was living and working in Rochester, Minnesota. But if 1972 is correct, it would be the 45th anniversary, not the 40th. But in either case, it was long ago and we all lost him far too soon. But the memories and images are still fresh - - just like that picture. Thanks! - - Kelt Kinnick

    1. Father-in-law, Glenn Bolger, died in 1972. Dad died in 1977. Sorry if I confused you. So great to hear from you, cousin!!!. Really enjoyed your longer note, as well. We need to exchange motes more regularly, I can answer most, at least many, of the queries you had... more in depth, in a bit!! ;-)