Thursday, December 20, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - William Walter Kinnick (1866-1946)

Treasure Chest Thursday
William Walter Kinnick (1866-1946)

This is another of the fine photo images I received from my cousin, Ellen DeVilbiss, on 4 Dec 2012. She has preserved and shared them from her grandmother, my aunt, Lillian Kinnick Ford. There are more photos of this gentleman's family among those she shared, that you will also see in the days ahead.

Info from back of the photo: "William Walter Kinnick b. 15 Mar. 1866 - Buda, Ill d. 17 April 1946 - Livingston, MT This is his last picture, he was 80 and a very handsome man.  Parents: Joseph Kinnick b. 8 Mar 1839 d. 24 Sept 1917 & Rachel Mercer b. 15 May 1839 d. 10 Dec. 1917  Grandparents: Walter Kinnick b. 11 June 1809 d. 28 Feb 1853 & Susan Schwyheart b. 1 May 1809 d. 27 Sept. 1884, Father of Dorothy Kinnick Adams b. 6 Feb. 1919"

I was also in communication with his daughter, Dorothy, and she had sent me copies of some WWII era photos of her siblings, as seen in the web page linked below (scroll to the bottom). I actually talked to her on the telephone a day or two before her death in August 1997. Oh, my! ;-)

William Walter Kinnick was a first cousin to my great-grandfather, Alonzo Palmer Kinnick (that you saw in this space last week). I researched and wrote about his family here, in 1998-99:

The William Walter Kinnick Family Story

Note: There is a link at the beginning of the story to his parents story that I wrote, as well, for those interested. It was a fascinating family! ;-)

The story start in Illinois, includes Iowa, Montana, Mexico, Texas, Montana, Missouri and back to Montana, if you need a little more encouragement to check it out…  ;-)

More to come on this family in weeks to come.

Families are forever!

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