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Hometown News - - 75 Years Ago - May 3, 1940

Hometown News
75 Years Ago
May 3, 1940

A rural school nearby in the late 1940s

From the Coon Rapids Enterprise - Thursday, May 7, 2015 Page 5:

75 Years Ago
May 3, 1940

Mildred Middleton, for the past nine years, a teacher in Union township rural schools and one of the most active workers in the Rural Teacher Association, will leave June 4 for Cedar Falls to enroll in Iowa State Teacher’s College for a two year Junior High teachers’ course.

After graduating from Coon Rapids High School, Mildred taught at the Heald School for six years and has been teaching the Richland Center School for the past three years. In 1931, Mildred and her sister, Mrs. Roswell Jordan, were prominent in organizing the Ten and Seven Teachers’ Club, one of the first such organizations in this part of the country.

Monday night Mildred entertained that group at a cooperative dinner at her home here with
county and state Rural Teachers Association officers as additional guests. The original organization included only 12 members: Irene Smith, L’Vene Smith, Mrs. Verle Thomas, Dorothy Barnoske, Clara Trullinger, Mrs. Alf Hetland, Mrs. Roland Drake, Elma Johnson, Mrs. Grant Ballard, Ineze Grohe, Mrs. Clarence Shirbroun, Mrs. Roswell Jordan and Mildred Middleton.

Now the group has a membership of 24. Honored guests at the dinner last Monday night were Mrs. Captolia Greteman, of Templeton, president of the state rural teachers’ association; Mrs. Mary Moore, of Carroll, assistant to the county superintendent; Helen Kuhn, of Manning, corresponding secretary of the county rural teachers’ association; Aurila Lamp of Manning, treasurer; and Edith Lund, president, who is also a member of the local Ten and Seven Club. Other members of the club attending were Erna Lund, Irene Smith, Mrs. Verle Thomas, Lorene George, Loretta Brannan, Pearl Brutsche, Eveleyn Schultz, Dorothy Schultz, Linette Cretsinger, Arlene Cretsinger, Virginia Gillespie, Mrs. Harold Pomeroy, Mrs. Roland Drake, Ethel Betts, and Mrs. Jordan. Edith Thomas and Irene Anderson served the dinner which had been planned by Mildred, Miss Brannan and Miss Brutsche. Places were laid at two long tables centered with potted flowers on table mirrors. Nutcups and favors were combined in handmade pots of artificial tulips.

The evening was spent in games, contests and singing, directed by Mrs. Jordan, Miss Betts and Mrs. Thomas. Mrs. Greteman also showed private movies.

My comments:

These women played key roles in early family life. Three of them were my aunts, and all were close family friends. They were teachers in local schools, in the town schools as well as rural schools over the years, and one, at least, Erna Lund, just retired a couple of years ago. Mildred Middleton went on to serve Education at the state level and elsewhere. Many of these ladies served many important community roles and leadership positions. A neat article. I haven't corrected any errors... just copied as it was printed. Dr. Bill

Families are Forever! ;-)

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