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Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Willow #3 - Spring 1946

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday
Willow #3
Spring 1946

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I've had this on my desk for several days; OK, a couple of weeks, and I keep staring at it!!

This is a photo, by my mother, no doubt, at the end of the school year, on the step of my one room country school, Willow #3, Greene Co, Iowa. I am in the suspenders, right front. My brother, Jim, is stilling on the ground, beside me, looking down. If this is Spring 1946, as I am assuming (compared to some others of nearby time period), he was just a little over 2, I would be almost 7, just completed first grade.

My memory is very clear on some things... failing me on others. Is that Mildred Peverstorf, teacher, on the left? The girl beside her is Shirley Wood, with the dark curly hair. She had an older sister, that looked a lot like the "teacher" - one of my concerns.

The next boy is Dick Hunter, as year younger. I do not recognize the next little girl, or the baby on the lap of Charlotte Shirbroun. Charlotte was in my class, along with Jim Tolsdorf, second from right, in the back. That could be his younger brother, Tom, that Charlotte is holding. The blond boy, between Jim and Charlotte, is Robert Hunter. The girl on the far right, behind me, is the Christiansen girl, who lived on the far next to the school, to the east, just off to the right in the photo. I think her name was Jane... why does it not come back?? ;-)

Going in the door of the school, girl's coat room was to the left, boy's coat room was to the right - and then into the Coal Room - you can see the extention that had been built on, off to the right. Going straight in, of course, led to the main room, where we had school every day.

An interesting trip down memory lane.

Families are Forever! ;-)

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