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The Book of Me, Written By You - Prompt 20: The Feeling of Home

The Book of Me, Written By You
Prompt 20: The Feeling of Home

"The Book of Me, Written By You" is a GeneaBloggers project created by Julie Goucher of the Anglers Rest blog. The concept: a series of blogging and writing prompts that help family historians capture their own memories and write about themselves.

Prompt 20: The Feeling of Home

This week’s prompt is The Feeling of Home
Home means different things to different people, so this week we are going to explore what it means to us:
    •    What does it feel like?
    •    How do you recognise it?
    •    What makes it home -people, place, time

"Home is where my 'stuff' is!"

'Home,' today, is the little cabin with my wife of nearly 55 years, surrounded by our own things; being able to 'be ourselves' without concern for 'catering to others' like when we are away from the cabin. These days, when visiting others, we realize that their concerns always take priority over ours. At 'home' - we can concentrate on us, and our needs.

We have lived all over the country, many states, many houses. Always felt "at home" wherever our stuff was.

Even now, for a week in Austin, for two weeks in Utah, with wife, laptop computer, and suitcase of clothes, can feel at home. But, always great to get back to the cabin. That is HOME, now. ;-)

P.S. Interesting thought: Not knowing this was the Prompt of the Week: Over night, I was thinking specifically about how all the "places" where we each 'grew up' are gone: My farm home, my wife's farm home, our schools, our church. No physical reminders, only memories… and photos, of course. Interesting how that works.

Families are Forever!

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