Friday, November 2, 2012

Follow Friday - Explore Stats, not my usual thing

Follow Friday - Explore Stats, not my usual thing

I don't normally spend much time on stats of my writings on the web. However, I've had an usual series of events recently, in my writing platform, that has given me an opportunity to take a second look.

My lens (viewpoint webpage) "Explore Your Family History" was given the top honor of the Platform (founded by Marketing Guru Seth Godin) as "Lens of the Day" (LOTD) - running as number one on the site for 24 hours… on October 25; really neat. It got (and I'm using October 31 stats) 911 visits - with 298 Likes, to date.

Within the body of the lens, I included a Poll Question: "How far back in your family do you already know some family stories?"

Here are the results, to date:

4.2% - I really don't know any
4.2% - I've never really thought about it before
56.6% - Great-grandparents and before
27.7% - Grandparents
5.4% - Parents
1.8% - My own only

Total votes - 166

I personally answered each of the couple of hundred comments left on the lens. While some were from folks that have done family history extensively, on their own or with other family members, there were many, many with the comments like: I want to do this, but don't know how; Never seem to find the time; Wish I knew where to get started, etc.

For them, I created a follow-up lens: "7 Step Guide to Family History Study".

I request your comments on two areas: 1) Do you have thoughts on the stats? Do they seem normal and reasonable to you? Are there areas of concern, if this were your lens?

2) Your reaction to the two lenses, themselves.

P.S. These were created for a NON-family history and genealogy audience, generally, by the way. There are only a dozen or so in the audience who also write specifically on family history among their writing. So, in a way, I am 'reaching out' to new folks in the area - unlike my readers here on this blog.

Thanks for comments - here, on Facebook, Google+, or on your own blog.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. Dr. Bill,
    Congratulations on the Lens of the day recognition. I didn't know about your Squidoo platform. It is really excellent.
    Best wishes,
    Biff Barnes

  2. @Biff: Did I see you on Squidoo? It is a very interesting platform. I'm having a ball. Need to work on my novels, and Family History book, but I like variety! ;-) Thanks for the note!