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Eileen KINNICK - 75 yrs ago - Week 37 - Sep 4-10, 1937

75 yrs ago
Week 37 - Sep 4-10, 1937

My mother, Eileen KINNICK (maiden name), kept a diary from 1932 until her death in 1999. In Feb 2005, I created a website of her 1936 diary, the year she graduated from high school. During the latter half of 2011, commented weekly on these entries.
For 1937, I am transcribing the daily entries, currently, at The KINNICK Project surname blog.

In this weekly blog post, I will make summary comments and observations, and perhaps add a photo, from time to time. Starting here with Week 10, I am switching to the week ending on Friday.
Setting: The family lived in a farmhouse a couple of miles out of town (Coon Rapids, Iowa). Older brother, Leo, lived at home; his girl friend, later wife, Ida, visited regularly. Younger brother, Buzzy (she often wrote Bussy) was 9 years old. Pete Smith is her 'boy friend' - fourth month starting Jan 1 (they do marry, in Mar 1938).

Week 37 (Sep 4-10): Eileen was at work at the new Coon Rapids Municipal Light Plant this week collecting monthly light bills from members of the Community.

In the Coon Rapids Enterprise for the August 27, 1937 entry in 75 Years Ago on September 6, 2012, we find that Coon Rapids was also getting a new telephone office building - very progressive town in 1937:

"Coon Rapids is soon to have a new telephone building, an attractive fireproof, one story and basement structure. Contractor Paul McCorkle has started construction of the new building. Already the excavation has been completed and the tile laid to the ground level. Poles and other materials for the new telephone system are arriving and the building of the new lines is expected to get underway soon."

Emery's garage fire mentioned by Eileen on September 1 -

From front page of Coon Rapids Enterprise of Friday, September 3, 1937:

Barn and Garage Equipment Lost in Night Fire

"The fire department was called about 11 o'clock Wednesday night to the hottest fire they had battled in many months, a blaze which practically consumed the large barn on the property at the corner of Third avenue and First street recently purchased by Morris Grettenbcrg and occupied by C. A. Emery.

The alarm was turned in by Thurman Johnson but flames were already shooting out through the roof and the fire department could do little but prevent the blaze from spreading. Fortunately there
was very little wind. Because of the water shortage all of the town pumps were put into action.

The barn was partily covered by insurance. Mr. Emery, however, suffered considerable loss as some $2,000 worth of Ford parts and garage equipment together with a considerable amount of tires and batteries were stored in the barn. There was very little insurance on this loss.

Mr. Grettenberg moved to this property yesterday, Mr. Seivers from the Carter property on Third
avenue to the house vacated by Mr. Grettenberg and the Emery family to the house vacate by the
Sievers family.

This fire emphasized the need of good fire protection and adequate water. If there had been strong wind it is not likely the blaze could have been confined to the one building. The public, too should be careful not to hamper the firemen In their work and should stay well away..."

I look forward to your comments!

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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