Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Memories from 1956

Memories from 1956

We are so fortunate to have a hometown newspaper that not only continues to publish local news weekly to this day (starting in 1881), but also has a 100 years ago, 75 years ago, 50 years ago, etc. page that also republishes photos from past years every week on that page. I've shared some of these, here before, but today I have two more that are such fun.
It is the Coon Rapids (Iowa) Enterprise -
We get it weekly, electronically, for $25 a year. What a bargain!! ;-)

The last two weeks have had my brother, Jim, and Nancy's brother, Al Bolger, in their 5th and 6th grade class photos from 1956. Enjoy...I sure do.


"SIXTH GRADERS IN 1956...We’re continuing this week to feature photos originally printed in the 1956 Rambler school yearbook. These were the sixth graders back in
1956 and most of them turned out to be 1962 Coon Rapids High School graduates. The teachers were Miss Robinson and Miss Gruber. Front row: Jan Smouse, Kay Russ,
D. Jensen, Roger Lucht, K. Tuel, R. Augustus, Janice Sigler, Lois Gustoff, P. Patrick, A. Molle, Miriam Bowman. Second row: Arnold Palmer, C. Jensen, S. Kirk, Steven Roberts,
James Herbert, Jane Jensen, Sue Textor, D. Duncan, Ron Brower, Mary Dixon. Third row: Miss Gruber, Karen Lyons, Rayoma Truhe, T. Sailer, G. Swarthout, R Lucht, Thomas
Schumacher, Nancy Bowman, Janet Patrick, Lynn Thorp, Judy Shirbroun, J. Sailer. Back row: Barbara Tuel, Linn Flook, Ron Kopaska, Gary Halterman, Jim Smith, Roger Smith,
Jim Knobbe, David Nielson, Doug Carpenter, Dennis Barber, Linda Jones."

"Fifth graders in 1956...We’re featuring the elementary grade school class pictures from the 1956 Rambler yearbook. Most of these kiddos grew up to become graduates of Coon Rapids High
School in 1963.  Front row from left: Jane Wallace, B. Samuel, Dwight Olson, David Carpenter, C. Samuel, Karen Anderson, Jim Emery, Daniel Stock.  Second row: Mrs. Maude Mountain, D.
Kepple, Terry Hilgenberg, D. McBride, Tom Heater, Michael Dailey, Nancy Deeth, Danny Pierce, Bonnie Hill, Miss Caroline Gruber.  Third row: Mark Peterson, Bernita Rudolph, Carol Woods,
Larry Carpenter, Alan Bolger, M. Ford, Doug Honold.  Back row: Darrel Whitehead, Tom Campbell, Richard Brannan, Wally Wagner, Jim Oleson, Barry Norem, JoAnn Lucht, and J. Meters."

Families are Forever!


  1. I had two of these same teachers. Miss Gruber was my 4th grade teacher, and Miss Mountain was my 5th grade teacher.

    1. It is really fun to see them again. Takes my mind right back to those familiar days... ;-)