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My first years… from Eileen's Diary - Highlights of March, 1940

My first years…  
from Eileen's Diary
Highlights of March, 1940

These are highlights from the diary of my mother, twenty-one year old Eileen KINNICK SMITH, 75 Years Ago. She kept a diary from 1932 as a freshman in high school until she left us, too early, in 1999.

 Was this the 'nursery chair' he 'finished?'

[Rather than posting each mundane entry, I've chosen items of interest to me, as I knew my family (or didn't). Also, significant events Mom noted, as seen by me, looking back. Comments at the end.]

Month of March highlights:

Fri, Mar 1 [Birthday note: Ruth Bolger] - (Pete) pulled the new John Deere Spreader home with Delbert’s tractor. Had swiss steak for dinner. … Pete finished his nursery chair and I read until 10:00.
Sat. Mar 2 - I got up and built the fires. Really icy out. Pete worked on the cupboard.
Mon. Mar 4 - Pete took Jno.Dr. & went up to Bolger’s after his binder. … He took the tractor up to Delbert’s & I went after him. … Ruth & Glenn came. Figured on ch. cupboard & played cards until 11:00.
Wed. Mar 6 - …took Pete & lumber up to the church. I came home, fixed chicken & noodles & went up there for dinner. Glenn’s, Verles, Beryl’s, Gurerney’s, Don’s, us were there. Spilt Billy’s milk & went up to Ruth’s after some more.
Thurs. Mar 13 [Birthday note: Ida Marie] - Planned on having Leo’s here for Ida’s birthday tonite, but it snowed too hard. … Roads all blocked again.
Sun. Mar 17 [2. anniversary] - Nice day. Went to church. In to folks for dinner. Leo, Ida, Paul there.
Been married 2 years. Mom gave us $1; Ida gave us stationary.
Wed. Mar 20 - Dad went with Charley T. to the hockey game in Omaha.
Thurs. Mar 21 [Birthday note: Leo Kinnick] - Up early. Left for Des Moines. Edith T., LVene & Betty went along. Ate dinner at Bolton & Hay. Coat at Robinson’s. Shoes at Berland’s & hat at Sibyl’s. Home at 5:45. Chored, ate & went to S.S. party at Brown’s. Played Rook. Mom and Buss stayed all night again.
Sun. Mar 24 [Easter - Billy was baptized] - Got ready and went to church. Quite a few were there. Jack B. sang - girls had an exercise. Didn’t have any class. Real cold day but we all wore our new coats.
Sun. Mar 31 - Leo & Ida moved to Lohrville.

My comments: Good peak into their life in the winter.
I remember seeing Grandpa Paul Kinnick had gone to hockey game in Omaha with Charley Thomas and a couple of others, in the Enterprise. Would never have guessed… but true! “Mom and Buzzy” always came and stayed with Pete and Eileen, when Paul out of town. Interesting.
Quite a shopping spree in Des Moines. P.S. She sent the coat back to Robinson’s in Des Moines, and got another at Ellerbrock’s in Carroll. Must have decided it was too expensive. ;-)
Jack Bowman sang on my baptism day! That was nice!! ;-)
This confirms when Leo and Ida moved to Lohrville!!

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. My mother kept journals too, but not for such an extensive period. It's a great thing to save and pass down in the family.

    1. Aren't we lucky? Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment!! ;-)