Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Brother Jim at Farm House

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday
Brother Jim and Three cars at Farm House
Winter 1965-6? Perhaps

My mystery photo for the day... with others dated 1962... [Update: likely Winter 1965-66, based on age of the cars!] 3 very interesting cars. These photos are from my Mother's and/or Grandmother's box of photos... I didn't take them.

This is the Smith Family Farm, and my next younger brother, Jim, in the middle. Perhaps a younger brother on far left. Curious as to specifics on cars. Not terribly familiar... perhaps I'm just getting old (that really is not in question, of course!!).

Comments appreciated from family and friends! ;-)

Families are Forever! ;-)


  1. The car in the middle is a 58 Chevrolet, one on left I think is 1960 or 61 Chevrolet. One on right mid 50s Chevrolet can not tell for sure without seeing back.

  2. L-R 1965 Chevy (Pete actually bought it new, not used), Paul, 1958 Chevy, Jim, 1957 Ford... all family cars...

  3. Thanks, TK. Do you remember the occasion? Was it 1962? Who is the other person? Were you there? ;-)