Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - 1928 Kinnick Family Gathering

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday
1928 Kinnick Family Gathering

This has been a couple of interesting weeks - far extended family contacts on both sides of my mother's family - that have led to me reviewing some of the old family photos - in addition to having resumed her diary daily entries on December 1.

I've posted some on Facebook, and talked about some here. I've shared some on email that are not on Facebook, and been posted to Facebook as it seems appropriate. Interesting exercises, for sure.

I'll share the back of the above photo, below, where all the names are mentioned, but, they are listed "backwards" in my view - behind the spot on the image, not in order as you look at it. So, I'll attempt to identify folks, right here. This was a family gathering at Wilson Herron's farm home, on March 25th, 1928. His wife, of course, was Lucile Kinnick - sister of Paul Kinnick, my maternal grandfather. Paul is third from the left, behind the two young men: Leo Kinnick on left and Wilbur Herron on right. Delbert Ford is on the far right. He is husband of Lillian Kinnick Ford, of course. She was most likely the one taking the photo! 

Wilson is sitting on the step, left, surrounded by children, a not uncommon experience. Donald H., Duane and Wilson Jr. (Ping) are two his left, in the photo. He holds one of the young twin girls - Geneva or Genevieve. Mother, Lucile, is holding the other one, in the back row. Also beside Wilson is daughter, Naomi. Next to Naomi is her sister, Pauline. Beside her, in the middle, is my mother, Eileen Kinnick - she would have been nine and a half years old. Brother, Buzzy, was still five months in the future to be born! 

In the back row, from the left, are Margaret Herron, Nettie Kinnick, Lucile, Dorothy (Sorensen) Kinnick, and Everett Brideson. Everett's wife, Gertrude (Kinnick) Brideson is in front of him, just behind Leo. I think that is everyone. Here is the back of the photo... written in my mother's handwriting... although is looks just like her Dad's - so there is always a glimmer of doubt! ;-)

Families are Forever!! For sure! ;-)

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