Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Kinnick-Williams picnic photo

Wordless (nearly) Wednesday - Kinnick-Williams picnic photo

This is a photo I took in 1955 in the basement of the 'new' addition to the Star Church of my youth, near Coon Rapids, Iowa. The occasion was a June gathering of what we then called the annual Kinnick-Williams (or Williams-Kinnick) picnic. It was the family of my maternal grandfather, Paul Kinnick - see this post for his siblings and their spouses - well represented above. His father, of course, was Kinnick; his mother was Williams.

The three in the middle, above, represent the "Williams" side - Francis (Williams) Keck (center, white hat), her son, Bill, behind her, her mother, Clara (Hull) Williams, in front.

From left, are Everett and Gertrude (Kinnick) Brideson, Robert Ford (daughter of), Lillian (Kinnick) Ford.

The large gathering sort of went away, for many years - however, in more recent years, the Kinnicks have been getting together in Coon Rapids - in June. I won't be there, this year, but did attend a couple of years ago. Fun family times!

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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