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Sunday Obituaries - Sarah Williams, from 1938

Sunday Obituaries - Sarah Williams, from 1938

From the recent Coon Rapids Enterprise - Thursday, January 31, 2013/Page 4:

75 Years Ago
January 28, 1938

Mrs. Sarah Williams, 85, who came here from Ireland 55 years ago, died Sunday at the home of her nephew, Edward Reid. She had been in her normal health until only a week ago. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Coder Funeral home with the Rev. O.E. Cooley conducting. Interment was made in the Coon Rapids Cemetery. Sarah Armstrong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong, was born in Northern Ireland Nov. 10, 1852 and passed away in Coon Rapids, Iowa Jan. 23, 1938.
Her age was 85 years, 2 months, and 13 days. In the year 1833, she came to America and began making her home in and near Coon Rapids. In July 1886, she was united in marriage to Elias Williams. Mr. Williams preceded her in death in Dec. 1920. Since that time, she has made her home in the James Reid home and later in the Edward Reid home. Mrs. Williams was in normal health for one of her age. For several years she was afflicted with deafness which handicapped her in getting out and mingling with her friends. In disposition, she was very kind and always sympathetic. When she married Elias Williams, there were stepchildren in the home and her true character was revealed through the motherly care bestowed upon these children. Her nearest living relatives consist of a step-daughter, Mrs. Josephine Brock of Spirit Lake, Iowa, also nephews, William and Edward Reid of Coon Rapids, and Mary Buchanan of Washington State.
There are also other relatives and friends. Mrs. Williams was a member of the local Methodist
Church. She was received into full membership on June 24, 1888 under the ministry of Rev. J.H. Elliot.
She was my Step-Great-Great Grandmother.
My maternal grandfather, was Paul Kinnick
His mother, Nettie Williams Kinnick was my great grandmother.
Her father was Elias Williams, as above, my great-great grandfather.

In my mother's diary entries of 75 years ago, she spoke of 'Grandma Williams' - this was her.

An interesting side note, to me, is to see that she lived, in her later years, with Edward Reid, her nephew. My Mom and Dad, as I was growing up, always noted activities of "Eddie Reid" like he was something special, but I never knew of him as anything but a person who lived in town. This explains a bit of a reason for that. One more of those interesting "small town" relationships...  ;-)

Families are Forever!  ;-)

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