Thursday, November 3, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Inside Star Church

Those Places Thursday
Inside Star Church

A while back I reported here, Those Places Thursday, on the rural Star Church of my youth. Today, I want to share three photos from inside the church during the early 1950s.

Looking north, this is the left side of the main part of the church sanctuary. Rev. Joston is preaching. My Mom, Eileen, is at the piano on this day. (Sometimes it was my future wife, Nancy, at the piano.) The choir included several members of our two families, as well. Note the folding door, to the far right. That opened into the 'newly added' Star school building that was added.

Here is a better look at the choir (note: not the same day as above!)

Family in the choir: second from left, Aunt Lillian (Kinnick) Ford; fourth and fifth from left, Nancy's Mom and my Mom; first man on left, in back, Lillian's husband, Delbert Ford; next man, after last lady, Nancy's Dad; tallest, my next younger brother, Jim; next to him, Nancy's brother, Al Bolger. The way it worked out in a small rural church.

Meetings were held in the basement, downstairs. Here is an adult Sunday School class holding a dinner-based social meeting, one evening.

Very typical events of our small church. Great memories.

Families are Forever!  ;-)


  1. I was probably sitting in the back of the church with my grandmother and great aunts.

  2. Very likely, Janice. As well as my Dad and younger brothers... ;-)