Monday, March 28, 2011

A Hundred Years Ago - Are you reading the blog?

A Hundred Years Ago
Are you reading the blog?
A Hundred Years Ago is a blog that transcribes and offers comments on a diary from this date one hundred years ago. Helena Muffly was 15 years old when she started her diary. The Blog has her photo and a photo of the farm where she lived when she wrote it, and more background information.

Do you have a family diary that needs to be transcribed, interpreted and shared? 
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I do. I have mentioned a time or two, here is one, that my mother kept a diary from 1932, when she was 14, until she died in 1999. The link was what would have been her 91st birthday, and provides a link to the 1936 entries I shared a number of years ago on "webpages" - the technology of the day.

Reading this recent blog reminded me that 1937 will be 75 years ago come January 1, 2012. Do you suppose I can commit myself to putting her 1937 diary online with that start date? Or, I could do 1942, which would be 70 years old, after I had arrived... interesting to ponder. What do you think?

Families are forever!  ;-)


  1. When I was about 10, my parents had the task of clearing the house and farm of an elderly relative so it could be sold prior to him going into care. he was in his nineties and the last of his family to survive. He and this sister and two brothers had lived in the house all their lives and had never thrown anything out. In the 1950s no-one in my family was much into preserving the past so my father lit a bonfire and out went everything that wasn't salable. Uncle Jack had kept a diary every year. We had some laughs about what he wrote in the diaries but then they were consigned to the fire. Oh I wish....

  2. Your story just makes me cry... Thanks for sharing... I hear it far too often.

    I suppose that is why I am almost compulsive about "Tell Your Ancestor Stories" when ever I can.

    Bill ;-)

  3. I just recently discovered A Hundred Years Ago, and I'm loving the entries!!

    If I had a diary I would DEFINETLY post the entries!!! I have a few letters........

    If you have a it!! What a treasure!!

  4. @Keeper of the Tales,
    Thank you for the comment. I enjoyed visiting your new blog. Best wishes! ;-)

  5. I recently finished transcribing one of my great-grandmother's diaries. Mostly just day to day stuff, but there were a couple of times, for instance when they celebrated their 50th anniversary, and also when she lost her husband, that it was very touching to read. I blogged about her anniversary memories, and also about the process as a whole once I was done, but didn't think about going day-by-day. I think you should do it!

  6. @ Karen - Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    When I did the 1936 diary, I did post each daily entry, but did a week at a time... still easily readable... and usually something interesting besides the mundane over a 7 day span. BTW, Mom wrote notes in shorthand on the edges, if she didn't want someone else (like me?) her diary, to really see her most intimate thoughts - darn! ;-)
    P.S. I took a sample copy to fellow professor who used to teach shorthand - she couldn't read it either - darn, again! ;-)